Read Me First

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Read Me First

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Hello Guys ... This is [GM]EMC2

This is A Forum OpixRoad

Firstly Thanks to Join our team Forum and Make Sure you Read all Topic

Now Here in Department Guide And Ideas

Every Week end :: We Will make Event /PVP And the Only 3 player Winner Will get Reward

And This 3 Winners Register

1st Winner Will Get : Honor buff Full + Title Name pvp King  

2nd Winner Will Get : Gold + Silver Honor buff +Title Name 2nd Pvp King

3th Winner Will Get : Silver Honor Buff  + Title Name  3th Pvp King

This Only at Week End Winners : This only at Saturday

Note : If you win the race twice in two consecutive weeks you will be awarded an award Gold Coin instead of Honor buff - The Honor Buff Will be Finished After 30
 Day. Then you can take it again Will be End .. if you Win Event PVP Again  

And Other Event Like : H&S and Event Search and Destroyer And Event Unique
Will give you Reward by GM

And The Guild Winner Fortress War : Janjan : Will take  300B-Gold  +Tax of Town
And The Guild Winner Bandit War : Will Take 150B-Gold +Tax of Town

Monthly Event Job System : Every Friday From Last Month Event 3 Hour From 6:00 PM To 9:00 PM GMT Egypt : And you Must Make a Full Party From Treader or Hunters or Thief's And the Party Top Rates at this Event Will Get Reward : Every One in the Winner Party Will get 100B-Gold. GM Will give the party Winner Reward

Game Easy to Play.
game PVP and We Have A Good System

Game Info : Degree 11 EGY A + EGY B

New Avatars / New Follow Pets/ New Attack Pets / New Prum / ETC

And All information game Will be Here after Edit game Every Week end or Every Monthly

Now Good Idea's ::: IF you have Good idea can help team and Players Make Topic Here in [Guide / Ideas] : and your Title Topic And Your Idea

Make Sure you Have Good Idea to Help All  And all thing

Thanks ! OpixTeam

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